Organization is a must

I have people ask me how I manage to keep my home so organized especially with kids. If I didn’t have things organized my life would be complete chaos and it most definitely affects my anxiety. The most important thing I do to help be more organized is I make a list! If I don’t have lists made my day is completely hectic. I also make sure my cleaning is completed every morning otherwise it wont get done. Everything in my home has its own home. It helps me from looking all over for one item. I know will be in the same place as long as it gets put back where its suppose to go! I used to be bad about putting things back and throwing things away. Now I am always throwing stuff away. If we don’t need it, then its going to donation or into the trash!
I have a calendar to write everything down. That way I have less of a chance to forget a doctor appointment or that my oldest doesn’t have school. I would try to schedule all my doctor appointments on one day. I realized that was too stressful and the less I have to do daily the better it is for me mentally.

When we have early mornings I get things ready the night before. I don’t want to be running around crazy in the morning. I will forget something important or running late. I absolutely hate running late!

When it comes to organizing important paperwork or bills. I keep all current bills on the fridge until they have been paid. Once something is paid I have folders made to place the bill. In the folder i keep the payment information and confirmation numbers. At the end of the year I will throw away any unnecessary paperwork. I file away the important paperwork such as tax information or insurance paperwork.

Staying organized not only helps me be more productive but also makes me less stressed. This also helps in the long run. I am able to spend more time with my family instead of having mountains of stuff to go through every night.

I am always looking on Pinterest for new ideas to help with my organization. If you have any organization ideas or tips I’d love to hear them! ❤


disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to this picture!

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