The tingles of ASMR

Have you heard of ASMR? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridan Response. A lot of people have heard of this after the super bowl which had a commercial featuring ASMR. While I have been using ASMR for a couple years now and its been so helpful in many aspects. Experiencing ASMR you will have a tingling sensation. That sensation begins at your scalp and moves down your spine. Not everyone can experience this sensation. It could be because you haven’t found your trigger yet or you can’t experience this sensation through ASMR. I remember experiencing this as a child, which obviously I had no clue why or what it was. I didn’t learn about ASMR till about 2-3 years ago when someone suggested it to me to help with my insomnia. I will be honest when I first looked into ASMR I thought it was weird. I didn’t know how this was going to help with my insomnia. Do you ever get the tingly feeling when someone plays with your hair? That is the feelings you get from ASMR. This has been divided down and better explained other than “tingles”.
• Autonomous – spontaneous, self-governing, with or without control
• Sensory – pertaining to the senses or sensation
• Meridian – signifying a peak, climax, or point of highest development
• Response – referring to an experience triggered by something external or internal
ASMR videos were made as a form of guided meditation. It has proven to help reduce stress levels and help with concentration. It is also known to help with insomnia by helping you relax to where you can fall asleep. I use ASMR so much I have a playlist on YouTube that just plays all night long. With ASMR there are so many different triggers, that you will end up going through different ones until you can find the trigger that works best for you. My favorite triggers that put me to sleep the fastest is the whisper videos or the hair dresser role plays. Other popular ones that actually don’t work for me is scratching or tapping videos unless its on a keyboard. Other triggers include role plays with doctors appointments, hair appointments, or facials. Concentrating on a task; some even say watching Bob Ross is a trigger for them.
I have listened to many different ASMR videos over the years until I found my triggers. I am always finding new triggers with new videos. I hope you can find your trigger and experience ASMR the way I have. I hope it will help you whether it be to wind down from a stressful day or needing help to put you to sleep. Some of my favorite YouTuber’s are “Water Whispers by Ilse” and “Gentle Whispering”. I am thankful for ASMR because it has helped me through so many nights where I would have not been able to sleep. If ASMR doesn’t work for you and you are having troubles sleeping or relaxing I hope you can find something that helps you! Much love ❤
Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to this picture. I am not a medical professional. if you are having a medical emergency please contact 911 immediately. This blog is for informational purposes only. If you believe you may have a medical issue contact your local medical provider.

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