Random facts about me..

As I was brainstorming for what I was going to write about this month I realized that I haven’t told you much about me. So I figured I would take the time to tell you some random things about me and my life.
  •  I moved to Missouri in 1996
  •  I have 10 siblings which include 2 younger sisters, 2 younger brothers. I have a older half sister and half brother. I also have 3 step sisters and a step brother.
  •  My stepdad was killed in August 2014 in a motorcycle accident in Iowa.
  •  I didn’t know about my half sister until I was 15 years old and have only met her once.
  •  I only have met my step sister and brother once and that was at my stepdads funeral.
  •  My first car was a blue Oldsmobile
  •  I began dancing when I was 3 years old up till I was 14 and I regret ever quitting.
  •  I had the opportunity to dance at the half time show of the Orange Bowl in 1998-1999
  •  My favorite TV shows include One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy and General Hospital
  •  I have a guilty pleasure for reality TV and chocolate
  •  Love country music
  •  I have never mowed grass
  •  I hate asking people for help no matter how small of a request it may be.
  •  I am very OCD which drives Dalton crazy
  •  I love to color, I use it as a relaxation technique
  •  I enjoy puzzle games. Candy crush is my favorite
  •  I recently began reading more self improvement books “Girl, wash your face” was AMAZING
  •  I love Snapchat filters
  •  I like my sleep and hate to be woken up! Like that’s possible with kids!
  •  My favorite color is purple
  •  My favorite number is 15
  •  I always dreamed of having 2 boys then a little girl. (Maybe it will happen one day)
  •  I want to build my own home with a big wrap around porch
  •  I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember.
  •  I didn’t shoot a gun until I was 25 years old
  •  I’ve been out of the country once for 10 days in high school.
  •  My birthday is July 16th
  •  I refuse to wear matching socks
  •  My biggest pet peeves are being late and not being organized
  •  I have 2 tattoos and have about 7 more that I want!
  •  I don’t like coffee
  •  I love to camp…in a camper, not in a tent
  •  My eyes are hazel but depending on my mood change colors
  •  I went to college for medical assisting
  •  I can be very shy around people I don’t know
  •  I went to catholic school my entire school career

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