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The tingles of ASMR

Have you heard of ASMR? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridan Response. A lot of people have heard of this after the super bowl which had a commercial featuring ASMR. While I have been using ASMR for a couple years now and its been so helpful in many aspects. Experiencing ASMR you will have a… Continue reading The tingles of ASMR

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The chaos

These past 2 weeks have been crazy busy with packing, and moving. Now that we moved I have been busy with unpacking, organizing and cleaning. I can finally say we're unpacked! I still have some organizing and decorating to do over the next few weeks. I missed writing these past two weeks and am ready… Continue reading The chaos

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Co-parenting is hard

Having to stay in consistent constant contact with an ex can be difficult but we do it for our children. Co-parenting or joint custody is having both parents have an active role in a child’s life. Your child’s mental and emotional well-being could affect how you co-parent. It may seem impossible to put your feelings… Continue reading Co-parenting is hard

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National Chocolate Cake Day

This is probably actually no this is my favorite national day. Chocolate cake day! Chocolate day was born in 1765 before that chocolate was mainly used as a beverage until 1830s. Chocolate cake was actually originally meant to be turned into a beverage. The earliest chocolate cake recipe was published in 1847. So today I… Continue reading National Chocolate Cake Day

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Positive mind positive vibes positive life

We all have to deal with negative people from time to time. Maybe its at work, or a family member or a friend. Being around the negativity all the time can affect your mood and turn you into a more negative person. Of course we all have our days where we can be negative. I… Continue reading Positive mind positive vibes positive life

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My weight loss struggles and successes

I’ve been struggling with my weight and self confidence for a long time. Its been hard for me to lose weight and keep the weight off. A lot of my weight problems are because of my medications. Also having two babies hasn’t helped my weight. I also haven’t taken very good care of myself. I… Continue reading My weight loss struggles and successes