Spring and Summer bucket list 2019

I am thinking of warmer and sunny days. This has been the longest winter ever! I am ready to spend time outside with my boys and enjoy the warm weather. I am ready to be out on the lake and make memories with my kids! I am so excited for this spring and summer with having so much land we can play on and so many things that I want to do. So here is a list of some of the things that I want to do with the warmer weather!

• Start a garden! I have never had my own garden but I want to learn.
• Make bird feeders and houses. I want to hang bird feeders for the boys. I remember growing up my grandparents made bird houses and we got to decorate them! We used them as piggy banks but I would love to make some and hang them up in our trees!
• Let’s fly a kite! The boys would love to be able to fly a kite and I haven’t done it in years.
• Sit outside with the sun shining and read a good book. I used to love to read and haven’t had as much time with the boys.
• Have a game night!
• Who can’t bake? I am a terrible baker but I am determined to learn to bake from scratch!
• I want to have a picnic even in the yard with the boys!
• Go fishing! We have a pond that we can fish at so we will have plenty of opportunity
• Take the boys to the zoo
• Go horseback riding for the first time!
• Take a painting class
• Take the boys to the art museum
• Plant flowers! I love daisy’s and sunflowers and would love to plant some outside of my house.
• Stargaze! Now that I live in the country I will be able to just look up and see all the stars without all the city lights.
• Have a water balloon fight with the kids!
• Play in the rain!

What does your bucket list look like? Thinking of warmer days! Come on spring! ❤

My bucket list for 2019

This year I decided I was going to make a bucket list of things I want to do or try for the first time. Once I complete one I will share my experience! Does anyone else have a bucket list? Do you do it by the year or like 30 before 30? Feel free to share your bucket list with me! Would love to hear what you are doing! 
• Find a house to rent- preferably in the country
• Start a garden- I’ve never had a garden so any advice would be great!
• Get involved with a cause
• Get into the best shape of my life- goal is to lose 40 pounds and start running
• Volunteer
• Try yoga
• Take a vacation- no kids
• Take a vacation- with kids
• Give blood
• Get a tattoo or 3 😉
• Dye my hair a color I wouldn’t normal color it
• Blog consistently
• Spend more time outside enjoying nature